Shipping policy

Shipping Policy 

Delivery time frames

After you’ve placed your order, delivery can take as little as 1 to 2 weeks, but may take longer depending on network congestion.

Acrylic and Metal orders may take longer to be delivered.

Due to the scale of our network, third party couriers and potential reasons outside of our control, delivery timeframes cannot be guaranteed. If you are working to a deadline, please ensure you contact our support team to confirm delivery time frames.

All Style Art does not offer compensation for shipping delays

All Style Art is not liable for any missed deadlines or lost business as a result of shipping delays 


If you have any additional questions about shipping or delivery you can contact us via our Contact Us page

Shipping Delays

From time to time shipping delays can occur, due to reasons beyond our control. If shipping is delayed we will do our upmost to get your order delivered as quickly as possible.

Shipping address accuracy

It is the responsibility of the customer to enter accurate delivery details when placing an order. If you have made a mistake, contact us us immediately and we will try and correct the issue before the order is shipped. if the address is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned and disposed of safely. Should you want to submit a new order with an updated address, you will be liable for the costs of the new order.

All Style Art will not be liable for orders that do not have accurate and complete delivery addresses.

Unclaimed deliveries

If you are not able to receive your order at the nominated address, the carrier may notify you that your order is available for pick up at your local post office or carrier pick up point. Shipments that go unclaimed may be returned to the sender. Please get in touch with us and we will do everything we can to help you.

Custom charges

Orders destined to some countries may attract customs charges. It is the customers responsibility to pay these fees. If a delivery fails because the customer does not respond in time to Customs communications, or refuses to pay the applicable charges, the customer will not received any compensation